Bridgeable High Current Stereo Power Amp

GFA-555ms Product Rear Angle ViewGFA-555ms Product Close Up Front ViewGFA-555ms Product Angle Rear ViewGFA-555ms Product Top View

For those who desire the power finesse in a two-channel amplifier, look no further than GFA-555ms. The GFA-555ms amplifier can drive a very broad range of loudspeakers, including those with very low impedances, at sustained high-power levels, even when the impedances are highly reactive.

Dynamic Sound

GFA-555ms runs on 200 W into 4 ohms, takes both Unbalanced and Balanced inputs and drives your speakers with 40+40 Watts of high performance, ultra low distortion power output all from a neat package. We have engineered an uncompromised circuit design that delivers ultra-low distortion and a crisp dynamic sound. It all adds up to a startlingly vivid and highly impactful musical performance that will put more energy into your loudspeakers as well as control them like never before.

Low Distortion

Great care was taken to insure that distortion in the amplifier would remain extremely low, particularly when driving these highly reactive loads in which the phase angles of the voltageand the current are substantially different.


125 Watts / Channel 8 ohms
200 Watts / Channel 4 ohms
400 Watts 8 ohms BRIDGED
Max Dimensions: 6h x 17w x 12.5d in.
Warranty: 2 yr. limited manufacturer