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GFA-7707 Seven Channel Home Theater Power Amp

  • 200 watts x 7 channels into 8 ohms
  • Power rig circuit topology
  • Gold Plated 5 way binding posts
  • Huge toroidal transformers
  • Power bandwidth 10 Hz –100kHz
  • 12 volt trigger on circuit
  • Two year manufacturer warranty 

Now, audio playback can be better than ever before! DVD-Audio and SACD high-resolution formats provide an unprecedented level of precision to audio playback. These new formats have up to five times the frequency bandwidth of conventional CDs. The dynamic range is an incredible 144dB, which is 48dB more than conventional CD. And both formats support multi-channel playback so you can enjoy the amazing immersion that a multi-channel audio system can provide. In the old low-resolution days, amplifier design was easier. Creating an amp was a straightforward design process using tried and true techniques that had not changed much in many years. But if you are going to design a power amplifier that can produce very high output levels and also amplify signals over a very wide frequency range, you have to move fast. To design an amplifier circuit to be fast and accurate, we needed to use a new design approach. The heart of F.A.T. technology is our Power-Rig circuit topology which provides incredible transient response. When combined with our huge monoblock power supplies, the massive power reserves provided by the banks of power supply capacitance give you Fast Analog Transform (F.A.T.) technology. What you get is wide dynamic range and broad frequency response. The Result? Cutting-edge power amplifiers designed to maximize the performance of the newest high resolution audio formats. Listen for yourself and experience what a F.A.T. amp can do for your audio or home theater system. And remember: power never becomes obsolete.

Please note: This amplifier is supplied with a 20 amp AC plug and requires a dedicated 20 amp 120V AC circuit with a 20 amp 120V receptacle. Note that the plug and required receptacle are not the same as the standard 15 amp plug and receptacle found on most electric products and household outlets. We suggest you consult an electrician if you are uncertain about the capacity of your electrical circuit and the required receptacle.

Ordering & Shipping

The GFA-7707 is a heavy and bulky power amplifier, it cannot be shipped by UPS or FEDEX, it must be palletized and shipped by truck. Shipping cost is NOT included in the price. Please contact us by phone (480-607-2277) or email (sales@adcom-usa.com) to determine the shipping cost and to place your order for the GFA-7707.

DOWNLOAD: GFA-7707 User Guide (2,49 MB)

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